Hololive announces a new Hololive TCG

Cover, the company behind the VTuber idols of Hololive has announced an official trading card game (TCG/CCG).

Hololive is no stranger to cards, previously releasing trading cards that are just for collecting (like baseball cards). However later this year an official Hololive card game will release, letting players build decks featuring their oshi.

The theme of the game is “co-creation/competition”, we speculate the game could be more about achieving victory points rather than destroying the life totals of enemy players. This would keep in line with the friendly cooperation of the hololive idols.

The card game will be made in collaboration with Bushiroad, a toy company known for their work on other card games, video games, and other multi-media products. At the time of writing, there hasn’t been an official English announcement page, but you can check out a translation of the announcement below.

■About hololive OFFICIAL CARD GAME

This is a new TCG that Cover Co., Ltd. planned and developed in-house.

In addition to newly drawn illustrations, previously created illustrations will be made into cards.

The contents can be enjoyed as a collection, and will be delivered to a wide range of Hololive fans and TCG users.

This product will be sold and operated by Bushiroad Co., Ltd., and will be available at toy stores, department stores, mass retailers, internet shops, TCG specialty stores, and our official online shop “hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP” ( https:// hololive.hololivepro.com/goods )” We are planning to sell it elsewhere.

As future developments, we are also planning events such as trial sessions, seminars, and official tournaments, so please look forward to further updates.

The cards are expected to release to retailers beginning September 2024.

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