Blue Lock The Movie: Episode Nagi American Release Date Revealed

Following the conclusion of Blue Lock season 1, it was announced that not only would the anime be receiving a second season, but that it would also receive a spinoff film, Blue Lock The Movie: Episode NagiBlue Lock is one of the biggest anime franchises in the world right now, so it makes sense that its studio would try to capitalize on that as much as quickly as possible.

While there’s still no word about Blue Lock season 2’s release, the film has received a big update. During Crunchyroll’s presentation at CinemaCon 2024, it was announced that Blue Lock The Movie: Episode Nagi would officially be coming to theaters on June 28, 2024, only two months after its Japanese release.

Such a quick turnaround will do wonders to keep the anime’s momentum going, and if it follows a common pattern with anime movies, it could be the best installment of the anime, to date.

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