Hen Tie Cake

Cryptids, Kaiju, and Creepy Pop Culture at Katsucon’23

Hen Tie Cake is proud to present our ongoing study in Monsters, their history, and why they’re so loved, Come for the history, stay for the monster girls, and be...... Read More

Twitter gets an edit button

Social media platform Twitter is finally rolling out an edit button, but first it will only be available to a select group of individuals. The new edit button was announced this...... Read More

PUBG also getting a DBZ Event

Fornite isn’t the only video game to get a crossover with popular anime/manga franchise Dragon Ball. PUBG Mobile developer Krafton has announced they will also be holding an event with it as well. Few details were given...... Read More

Konami Renews Suikoden Trademark

While Konami teased their Tokyo Game Show 2022 lineup, which includes a game from a “beloved” series, fans are speculating it’s a new Suikoden release. The speculation comes from a newly re-circulated trademark for...... Read More

Cloudflare backpedals, blocks Kiwifarms

Mere days after proclaiming they would no longer deplatform websites, Cloudflare has announced they’ve blocked internet forum Kiwi Farms. “Due to an imminent and emergency threat to human life, the content...... Read More
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